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We find the most interesting Tractors For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the FORD 1210 4X4 COMPACT UTILITY TRACTOR W/ LOADER & MOWER for sale on the Internet.

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FORD 1210 4X4 COMPACT UTILITY TRACTOR W/ LOADER & MOWER Picture and Description:


mcgrewequipment Store FORD 1210 4X4 COMPACT UTILITY TRACTOR W/ LOADER & MOWER This auction is for a nice Ford 1210 four wheel drive compact tractor with loader & Befco finisher mower. This tractor starts and runs very well, however it does smoke a little. The transmission is in very good shape and the hydraulics are strong. The four wheel drive, clutch and brakes all work well. The mower that comes with this tractor is a 60" three point hitch finish mower. This tractor is in very nice shape for it's age and is in excellent mechanical condition. The hour meters on these tractors only have three digits on them. This working hour meter shows 321 hours. Based on looking the tractor over we feel that there is 1300 hours on this tractor but we do not know for sure. This tractor sells with no reserve so don't miss out! Stock: 54048 Serial: UC03713 4x4 Cat 1 3pt 3cyl Diesel Engine 16hp 540 Rear PTO Back Tires 29x12.00-15 Front Tires 20x8 No Power Steering Hours: Shows 321 on working hour meter but meter rolls over @ 1000 hours Differential Lock Transmission- Two range Hydro Loader: Woods-Dual 145 Bucket: 60" Joystick valve 3 point Finish Mower- Befco 60" Dimensions- 16'L x 6'W x 52"H and weighs about 2800 lbs. We recommend that you receive a shipping quote before placing your bid so that there are no surprises when you buy an item. We do business with a freight broker and we also have a man in-house to give shipping prices. You can call either one or both to get a quote. You can call Kris with Load em up @ 877-569-5623 or give John a call at our business @ 888-311-2811. We advise that all potential bidders to read and understand all of the items below before bidding. Please read all the info. below before asking questions. 50% of the time your question will be answered below and you will save us both a lot of time. If you still have questions then don't hesitate to email or call us. ALL ITEMS SOLD WITH NO RESERVE!!! THIS MEANS YOUR BIDS SET THE PRICE, WE WILL NOT END AUCTION EARLY FOR ANY REASON SO PLEASE DON’T ASK. NO GAMES OR GIMMICKS, EVERYTHING SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, JUST CHECK OUT OUR PAST RECORD!!!! ITEM BELONGS TO MCGREW EQUIPMENT PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE TRYING TO SCAM YOU WE WILL NOT EMAIL YOU TRYING TO SELL THIS AROUND EBAY FOR ANY REASON SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS.NOTE**** What you are buying: You are buying Used Farm and Construction equipment not new. Keep that in mind when you are bidding. If you buy a $3,000 skid steer, you will get one that performs like a $3,000 skid steer not a $40,000 skid steer. Same with tractors and other things. We are not trying to cheat anyone and describe the equipment the best we can. Machines Specifications: All information is taken from sources deemed accurate, such as Years, Serial #’s, Weights, Horse Power, Lift capacities etc. We can not guarantee anything, so if we tell you a machine can lift 5,000 lbs, and it only lifts 3,000 lbs. Then so be it. Same if we tell you the machine is a 1999 model and it really is a 1996. If that concerns you so much that you will not pay for a machine, then call the manufacturer or do your own research before bidding. The auctions last 7 days you have plenty of time to do that. We do not lie or try to be deceiving, but we are not experts on every machine we sell. Hours: We do not sell anything that we have bought from new, therefore we can not guarantee hours on anything we sell, we never turn them back or change tachs. But through the course of a machines life things can happen. If a machine is showing low hours and does not appear to be correct from our standpoint we will state it. Scams: We do not send Second chance offers or will not sell items around eBay, all items are sold with NO RESERVE AT ABSOLUTE AUCTION…… Please watch out for people emailing you to send money. If an item is not paid for it will be re-listed. Storage: All items can be stored at our location for 90 days without any additional charges, HOWEVER after 90 days your item will be sold for storage and you will not receive any of the proceeds!!!!!! Sales Tax: 6% PA sales tax to PA residents and all items picked up in PA at our location. If you are a farmer and the item produces a crop, or if you are a dealer and have a valid Resale #, fill out a form and you will not have to pay it. For any other questions or concerns, please call us at 888-311-2811. We do not always get all of our emails so please call us, we will be happy to talk to you. Thanks for bidding and watching. HAPPY EBAYING!!!!!!!!!! We accept Certified funds, Checks or Money orders. Call for other forms. NO PAYPAL!!!!!!! Payment is due in 7 days from auction end in FULL. Any item not paid for within 7 days can be resold at McGrew Equipment's discretion. Non paying bidders will receive Negative Feedback. Buyer is responsible for any or all shipping cost and arrangements; however we can assist if you like. We suggest that pallet items be shipped through freightquote.com Please call Braden at 800-323-5441 ext 1517 for quotes. If Braden is not available you can speak to Lindsay @ extension 1234. If you get a quote from Braden or Lindsay, the quote is guaranteed and you can include the quote with your payment to us for your item. There is no additional pallet charge if you get a quote from Braden. If you are purchasing something that is too big to ship on a pallet like a tractor or other large items please call our office and speak to John about a quote. His email is johngross@mcgrewequipment.com. If you need a quote after hours please keep in mind that most items end between 8 and 9 PM EST and our offices are closed at 5 PM EST so get your quote early. For any concerns or questions Email tonybattaglia@mcgrewequipment.com We do mark up most pallet items $50 if they are not shipped through Braden @ freightquote. Please email or phone before bidding for an exact price. All UPS and USPS items are marked up a small amount for Supply and Labor cost. ***We are selling used equipment. We are only human and therefore we are not perfect. We will from time to time miss something that is wrong with a piece of equipment. If you pay for the convenience of having your machinery delivered before checking it out in person you are responsible for that charge. Delivery fees are never refundable because of a defective machine. You have the option of coming to our lot and checking the machine out in person before paying to have it delivered. You wouldn't expect Walmart to pay for your gas if your waffle iron is defective so don't expect us to pay for delivery if your tractor is busted.*** Pick ups: We have live auctions on our premises on the 2nd Monday of every month. All items can be picked up at our location, we have several loaders, lifts and a loading dock with different heights. We are open Mon.-Fri 8-5 and Sat. 9-1 for pick ups. We advise you call first at 888-311-2811 so we may have your item ready. WE ARE SELLING IT AS IS .......... If you do not understand what that means let me explain it for you!!!!!!!!! If you are the high bidder, when you get here we are going to collect your funds. If the machine will not drive on your truck on it's own power we are going to take a loader or forklift and lift it on your truck. You are not going to whine, complain, or any such thing. When you get it home you are going to do whatever you want with it and not call me and whine, complain, or any such thing. If there is more wrong with the machine then we have stated, then so be it. I am not trying to hide anything, we list everything we know and that is all we found wrong, but there may be more. I am not trying to be a Jerk, I just want to make things clear from the get go, if you do not understand this please call or do not bid. We recommend that all potential bidders call before bidding on any item if you have any questions at all. Please call 888-311-2811 and ask for Tony. Please ask any questions you might have before bidding, so that when you get your item there will be no surprises. Also please read all terms and conditions before bidding. Once the auctioneer cries sold the item is yours, so if between the time of sale and the date you pick your item up it breaks in half, we are going to help you load both halves. If you do not understand or see that there could be a problem, please do not bid. IF YOU Intend to more than $15,000 on an item, PLEASE READ: Bidders intending to bid $15,000.00 and over will sometimes have to be pre-approved by eBay (it is for your own safety if you do not bid that amount often). Please check and see if you are approved, several customers have missed the item they wanted in the last minutes of the auction by not being approved.